Computer broke down, no problem
Virus on the hound, man, no problem
Website need designin, no problem
Ain’t no use of hidin it, it’s no problem

Bet ya didn’t know that a man can talk about his gift
Since I ain’t talk about blunts and chuggin a 5th
I ain’t talkin about how many rides or homes I got
I tell ya how about my legit hustle, it ain’t never hot
Laptops, PCs, all the website design
Flat rates, contracts, professionally its my grind
Don’t get it twisted, cuz I’m still at the Helpdesk
Cuz this campus knows that support is at its best
When I answer the phone, this quote will follow
“Helpdesk, this is Carlos.”
They know I’m the best at what I do, no exception
To all the other competition, trust you need protection
Cuz if I see problems, people know I solve ”˜em
Leave them with the catch phrase, man, no problem

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