I’m on a mission, to find my moment of peace
The opportunity where all the rumors can cease
Until then I reveal my story to most
The history of my time known as the Los
Beginning with the end with the darkness in mind
Where all I tried to do is maintain my grind
Cuz everybody know I’m about the school and the desk
Cuz these two places are where I remain the best

I’ll have you know,
That I’ve become…

Determination that is incorruptible.
From the other side.
A terror to behold.
Annihilation will be unavoidable.
Every broken enemy will know,
That their opponent had to be invincible.
Take a last look around while you’re alive,
I’m an indestructible master of war.

I’m not perfect, but I damn sure try my best
To succeed at everything and make the best
Of my opportunities and visions that I can see
To keep to myself and remain true as can be
I walk away from my pain and sorrow to learn
What makes my heart blaze, incinerate, burn
No hesitation, for the trial and tribulation
To see God for myself, not an entire nation

…inspired by Disturbed – Indestructible

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