If the paper get taken, I’ll still praise
My focus strong, it’s how I’m raised
But the thing is I praise God in and out
Even at times where the curse leaves my mouth
I ask for forgiveness and protection since people be disrespecting
Devil been in this world for years and like Bush, they just re-electin
I hit the iron and got swoll
I played the game and got bold
I changed the game since it got old
But I kept the story short to be told
98-04, niggas kept me down
Since then, I made em clowns
08, I drowned depression with confidence, choked pessimism till it called quits
09, I beat arrogance with cockiness, murked anti with my social, nigga rocked the fence
10, rolled around and I went hard
11 here, I played the card
12 set in and my story told
I raised so much hell that it got cold

-inspired by Nelly feat T.I. & 2 Chainz – Country A** Ni**a

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