They call me Carlos, that’s what my name is.
They call me C-Los, showin a true G lives
They call me Los, gone take the lil C off
They call me Iota, cuz I’ll set any hop off
They call me I.T, virus hit the PC
The whiz’ll fix it so fast, hopin to make a small fee
I draw revenue, knowin my name is strong
Known for all the right, but never for the wrong
That’s my real rep and that’s how I made it
And I look at the people who wanna jade it
And take this literally; fuck off, gone step back
Cuz all you took, trust the Los, nigga, I’ll take it back
You better believe I stand for who I am and nothing else
I toss the finger to the haters, gone kill yaself
No kid gloves on, no sugarcoatin whatsoever
Ya petty asses soft as hell, weak as a lil feather
From the P.G. of Louisville, the Bossier of Louisiana
The West of Brooksville, the Athens of Alabama
Yeah, but we all know, I got a Lafayette County tag
Cuz I claim Oxford for now, hatas gone get mad
Cuz that’s who they call me, they say I’m loyal to a fault
And that I always learn the lessons that I get taught

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