I dedicate my life to God, no matter what, he’ll see me through
I dedicate it to my family, to me, they always stayed true
I see ya Grandma, no matter what you were never blue
My Granddad was strong, he always walk to his beat
When he had something to say, ya took a seat
My true friends stay by my side through all my high and lows
The enemies are numerous, but they scared to throw blows
My teachers are my instructors, they taught me a lot
The ladies knew what to say to make it hot
My frat is my heart, brown and gold, Ow-Ow
Royal blue and gold is the history, tell ya how
They told me about the way of the brown and gold
And from day 1, Maury lovin it, he was sold
So thanks to the SGRhos for the love and support
Promise to show the love and continue rapport
I’m bringin a new style and attitude this year
New Los, new style, haters better have the fear

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