157 pound hustle
I’m the man they call muscle
Ever’time I step in the T, they faces break a muscle
Cuz at 5 foot 6, I stand tall and stand bold
With a swagga like the fam, oh it’s so cold
I’ll step in with a wife beater that won’t harm ’em
Then I step in the room with the tight under armor
Maury pumps the damn iron, gets so freakin swoll oh
Strong in the game, is the story so told
I tell the story of a man who went strong and went hard
To get his size strong, playin his focus card
Hit the weights, start benchin, squattin, and pressin
Strive hard to be the best, thank god for the blessin
Cuz he saw what could be done and he had the forsee
To make me get it started, A.S.A.P.

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