I’m gonna have to let this story end cuz I got a lil stroke
Cuz all this B.S. gonna make a nigga wanna choke
Gon head, keep ya lil story on and poppin
Cuz this kid gonna keep it strong, ain’t no stoppin
I look at the mess and bow away in silence
Cuz any more of this ish, Maury gon pull the violence
I know that 7-4 to the world blow, Maury can show
How the game go, bleed ya fast or slow
Cuz that’s my past, I know what I did and what I repped
But now the story I rep is the story of myself
I make peace with my past and end the cycle
With words harsher than a freakin sawed-off rifle
Being blunt and on point to protect myself
If ya don’t really like it, man kill yoself
I end this part of the story not picking a side
But God opens the next, I’m just along for the ride

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