I fell to the damn bottom, hopin to see the top
Fell so low, I couldn’t feel the rain drop
Looked at my watch, cuz ya know the time stopped
Looked to the top, couldn’t reach it with a hop
All I was doin was merely stepping on my past
Wondering the length that my pain will last
I realize that I’m C-Los, real game, the trill, the Los
Montrell274, Evolution is what I remembered the most

Paid homage to my roots, I let em know I’m strong
No matter what, whether I’m right or wrong
I know my wrong in my past, bitch don’t remind me
I know my past can’t change, ya blind ya see
That I’m shaping my future, I shape my muscle
HLR, respect, loyalty, my real true hustle
Hustle, Loyalty, Respect, I rock the words wit passion
Fake was its creation, reality is what I imagine
That I can turn this motto and can make it strong
Hard to believe that Cena inspire the full grown
Passion in my heart, power behind my fist
Strength behind my word, Mr. Toilet, I’m the shit

Found it in my step, man got a pimp walk
Got a cold demeanor, ya know when the man talk
No matter where I go, the Ville, I’ll rep it out
I rep it in the crowd, I rep it to myself
Like or not, man, go kill yoself
Cuz no matter what, I’ll continue to be me
Mr. I-Phi, LosEvolution, Los, C-Los, A Real G

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