I rewrite the code of life, pass the script of honest
Swing it left and right, keep it like a sonnet
I’m tired of people writing, tired of people’s edit
I don’t give a damn anymore, don’t care who read it
Cuz I rewrite the story, I rewrite it myself
It’s my own vision, it’s how my heart felt
Your rules and your religion, kept ya ass safe
I break ya damn rules, I challenge ya damn fate

I write my own script, I write my damn rules
I make my own choice, I choose to act a fool
I choose to praise him, I choose to be a saint
I choose the fire, smoldering so you can faint
Cuz if ya walk my path, you walk in my struggle
You walk in my swagger, the man they call muscle
My desire to clean slate, my life as of late
Has not been great, I change my fate
I make my rewrite, I make the chapter anew
All ya gotta do is get a damn clue.

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