I got more paper than a tree, more gadgets than inspector
More spirit than a ghost, more grind than a gear
I confess to the world, I fight strong for what I need
I run the life, my frat, yessir, damn right, indeed
Indeed I claim my right to say I’m the man
Made in USA, went to Mexico, next is Japan
Cuz as long as I know the means to get it, I can get it
Zune, iPod, 40inch LCD, Pearl, paper, I live it
I live the life strong, trying to stay in the means
Rockin the jeans, the suits, the slacks, just to be seen
I rock the dog tags, the chains, Maury the boss
Rebel with a cause, my cause is the cross

I got more luck than a clover, more stars than Osiris
Iota Phi Theta is the frat, you can call me Caerus
Cuz I got the true OCD, I gotta own what I am
I gotta say what I want and not give a damn
About the repercussions, the problems will stop, they will cease
Because if I release my thoughts I’ll finally have peace
Let me breathe, let me live, let me run, let me go
Let me run my own life, don’t want you runnin it no mo

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