When I stepped up, haters started all the yapping
I took their girls, all their asses I was tapping
GPS style, I did all the mapping
Legit hustle, no reason to be trapping
I ride around in that Nissan
Did the last 8 albums just for fun
Challenge any MC to walk up and get some
Just to see if your flows measure up
Best believe I flow hard, I make it tough
For any MC to come with weak fluff
Trash me from back and say what’s up
When they in my face, don’t come wit weak stuff
I’ll tell ya straight up ya flow suck
Firing all cylinders, I’ll make ya duck
Shots fired at all lames
Heard of Chronicles? Yeah I changed the game
Los dead, I’m back bitch, guarantee I ain’t going
He had a shot in 5, that yellow streak was showin
Eyes blood shot and glowin, grass don’t need mowin
Think I’m so easy to step on?
If you gonna step, bitch better step strong

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