Gone bring the haters out I’ll show them the truth
Gone bring the haters out I’ll show em the roof
That I burn up on the beat, when I spit the flow
Write the rhymes; demonstrate my grind, from the start to the end of time
Show me my opponent, where’s all the competition
Please show me the comp, cuz I’m the opposition
Nobody matches the style, matches the flow and talent
Look at the haters, step back or step up goddamn it
I’m the best that ever came, the best that ever was
The realest one there is, I’m Carlos Maury cuz
I step up strong and real cuz that’s how I do
I’m always real, always game, and always true
There’s nobody that will tell you Los is fake
Cuz we all know I’m real as can be in this place
Cuz I’m the realest ever, was, or can be
Cuz I’m the best ever, was, or can be

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