I look at my present, to hell with my past
To the people who hurtin, pain ain’t gonna last
I know where I came from, but I don’t live there
Life is a bitch, it’s up to you to make it fair
You gotta shape your life, no one else can do it
My style talented, lyrics so fluid
I took a step back, did the re-evaluation
Now I’m spitting the flows, haters here’s your salvation
Cuz I’m future bound, the past can’t hold me
“You ain’t shit”, is what the haters told me
I pledged my frat, dedicated to this and that
Got a girl on my side, fake bitches step back
Good fella forever, my swag smoother than most
I became the realest nigga ever, the man called Los
I’m the best at it, and I do this shit for fun
Haters I got ya gun, nigga come get some

Now why I spit harsh lyrics, when my mind soft
This is the way that the streets taught
Me to release my anger, to release my rage
Containing it is the way to show your age
Cuz it makes the wrinkles come, the stress show up
I gotta show the haters don’t faze me enough
Cuz I’m above em all, I step on all haters
I murk em all, even the wanna be fakers
Yo Gotti inspired, TIP motivated
Jeezy simulated, to them, I never duplicate it
To God, my heart and soul dedicated
To the devil, God got me, you can’t take me

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