It’s a billion to one in the game, to shake the fuckin odds
The odds are now against me, it’s like a game of COD
That’s Call of Duty to everyone who didn’t know
I’m trying to paint the fucking story, watch my vision show
Itself as I spit my life into existence (It’s Alive)
Without any restraint, retainment, or any resistance
I’ve lived in silent long enough here is my confession
Stupid like fuckin an AIDS chick without protection
I’m in the game, I started this career in 04
Went hard as hell, fresh out the fucking door
Get to 05, my aunt then left the earth
07, my grandparents left their grandson the turf
Got to 2010 and the paper looked bright
2011 was the year though, it became out of sight
I got degree, and 8-5, haters better step up
Fakers, quit being thirsty, get your fucking weight up

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