The True Rap Sheet

Lyrical History
Inspired by Nelly – Country A** Ni**a

Going Out
Inspired by Meek Mill – House Party

Follow Suit
Inspired by Lil Wayne – Mirror

Back in my element, I quickly wrote this one as the words were flowing (inspired by T.I. – Pyro)

So Close
A ploy of words, inspired by T.I.’s song of the same name (inspired by T.I. – So Close)

A Billion to 1 (Intro)
New Collection in the works. Hope you are ready. (inspired by Eminem – Fast Lane)

Forgot this one….a beat I tried to murk.

Back & Forward
Inspired by Yo Gotti – The Mirror

I Wanna
Inspired by Gucci Mane – College Girl (Remix)

Hell of a Life
Inspired by T.I. – Hell of a Life

No Problem
Inspired by Rick Ross – It Ain’t a Problem

What it Is
Inspired by Gorilla Zoe – What it Is

Right Now
If you want it done, do it right now (inspired by John Cena – Right Now)

Multiple Handles #2 (They Call Me)
2nd Part of Multiple Handles (inspired by T.I. – Rubberband Man)

Don’t Know
Short one, telling some things I don’t know (inspired by Turk – It’s In Me)

One Shot, One Opportunity
Inspired by Eminem – Lose Yourself

Best Ever
A play on being the best at what I can do. (inspired by Princess – Throne)

I am Los
A mere intro. (inspired by Jadakiss – We Gonna Make It)

Leave it At the Door
It’s about beef and animosity. Deal with it on your own terms, not anyone else’s (inspired by Jadakiss – Knock Yourself Out)

They Say Maury
Letting the words flow, not caring which ones I used, so it ended up a little vulgar and full of a lot of impulsive emotion. (inspired by Hurricane Chris – Getting Money)

Mr. I-Phi, the Check Cutta
Inspired by Shawty Lo – Cut the Check

Embracing it All for an Ascension
Embracing everything that is what it is. Inspired by Young Jeezy – Hustlaz Ambition

Ready For Whatever
Based off T.I.’s song of the same name

End the Story
A Gimme. Inspired by Bow Wow – Fresh Azimiz

I’m Talkin’ to You
Inspired by T.I’s song of the same name

In 26 Seconds
Timed Flow

The Solution
Taking stabs at a lot of things

Still I’m Los
No matter what, I’m still me

Get the Muscle
Small verse behind my routine

Swing Left, Swing Right
Turned into freestyle, this one depicts some physicality

The Maury Grind
The origin of El’O, a restorative, original persona

I Walk Away
Done to The Rock’s Hollywood (Is Cookin) Theme, it’s a parody of me being tired and moving away from a few things.

If I Lose
Putting myself back into my work, this one depicts a point of losing the way, and trying to find what makes one so unique.

Finally Off My Chest
This one is kinda personal. It’s just me spitting off frustration and to Plies’ song, “Runnin my Momma Crazy”

The Truth
A freestyle from T.I.‘s song, “Top Back

Thankful for it All
A spiel off the 2Pac song “Until the End of Time

Still on the Ride
Whether things are up or down, check out this one!

The Solution
The Coming out of the El O persona, beginning the burial of Los

The Roots, Legend is My Flow
Title Speaks for it All

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