While writing this, I felt so lost in my mind and lyrics. It was like the walls kept closing in and I just want shit to get out. The problem was that every time I felt that I could spit, I kept holding myself back. When I wrote Juu, it was a lot of mixed emotions, and it felt like a rushed project. This one, it wasn’t rushed. It was quick, but not rushed. I just put the titles and started flowing, and honestly, it took more time to contemplate than to write. The title changed 3 or 4 times while I was writing, so you’ll hear and feel a mixture of emotions. It’s like me writing to happiness…..


Lost In The Rhyme is the 11th lyrical release of LosEvolution.


The hashtag #LITR begin to appear throughout LosEvolution’s Twitter and questioned another release immediately following Juu.


Over 20 distinct lyrics were put into this album for final approval and only 7 made it to the cutting floor. Once it became half-way complete, the page depicting the tracks was taken down and the album was finished.

The lyric titles were silently posted on July 31st, recently after Juu. The album’s release is scheduled for December 1st 2015 release.

  1. Breaking Silence
  2. Remember It All
  3. Interlude
  4. Bad Habits
  5. I’m Good
  6. It’s Still There
  7. Fin

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