I guess it’s rubbing off, guess I finally came
Came in my own style in the rhyme game
It’s easier to tell a story, easier to sit and write
Instead of putting a conscious effort or a conscious fight
I’m inspired by my feelings, from happiness to sadness
Plunging into my heart, hoping not to see madness
I’m already loud and excited, so that didn’t rub off
But I never stepped in a club and set the club off
I aspired to lift weights because I saw my cousins lift
But I knew to be dedicated I need to put down the fifth
I had to stop smoking blacks and quit puffing cigars
But I enjoy that ish because it make me see stars
I used to put effort into the game because I didn’t understand
How can a person pull who he want because he can
I got the game later, when I realize the truth
It’s really not a charade, all you gotta do is be you
The one who sticks around is the one who gets your best
And that’s when you decide to let go of the rest
We all makes mistakes, we all make choices
I need to listen to myself instead of the voices
That tell me that I’m not worth forgiving for being wrong
And that I’m always going to be weak, never be strong
Know I’m done listening and I’m done making tries
I’m done believing your hate and listening to your lies
Shoot me from a cannon once that’s shame on me
Overlook me when I’m looking, that’s shame on you
I’m surrounding myself with optimistic and focused people
Ones that go hard the first time, not waiting for a sequel
I’m driven and keep driving, tried and keep trying
Living a life for success, not living to be dying
The clock is ticking and 28 hit 29
I’m not proclaiming it, but I’m demanding the year is mine


Who would have thought
I’d be caught in this life?
Let’s celebrate with a toast
And get lost in tonight
And make it all light up
Wait until the sun goes down
We gon’ make this bitch light up
Wait until the sun goes down
I’m gon’ make this go

From 20 to 29, that’s 9 years of regret
I guarantee that I want to take away all the bets
I made at the crap table, all the chips I lost
I could’ve been made that mil, could’ve been a boss
Instead of all the debt and the constant grind
I could’ve left the life of an 8 to 5 behind
And kept to my hustle I had on the .com
So I’m sliding back on it, doubling my fund
But I’m supposed to talk about how this life rubbed off
The signs I didn’t see or simply snubbed off
The signs were so obvious when hindsight’s 20/20
I could have a fresher life, a plate so empty
That way I can have the time, don’t have to write the rhymes
Don’t have to tell people about my life in my grind
I could’ve made fewer mistakes, kept my road straight
Put a ring on a left hand, made a life great
Instead I’m on my hands and knees, praying for redemption
Hoping I’m in the book of life, if not, it’s an exemption
I had great inspirations and great aspirations
And a dream I’ll be CIO of a big corporation
I’m talking like it’s past, a man can still dream
Regardless how ambitious the dream can seem
I still got my drive and today I hit reset
I look at the life that I need to protect
I’m out of my mental prison, I did my bid
I don’t need you to remind me, I know what I did
I aspire to be different, be better than my past
Do my best to live each breath like it’s my last
Don’t define me by past actions, forgive me for my mistakes
If you do, that’s great, if you don’t, that’s still straight
I depart from this story with my name scrubbed off
This dark, twisted life simply just rubbed off


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