Juu is the 10th lyrical release of LosEvolution.

This is the 10th anniversary release of LosEvolution.com’s Evolution Poetry.




A quick follow up to AL3, Juu proved that the writing concept was not exhausted as it was thought. Unlike the last 9, this album took the most criticism, the most rewrites, and even songs being dropped. It was originally speculated that this would be Another Level 4 (AL4), but the change to Juu was announced. With it being the Japanese number for 10, Juu became a story in itself.

I kept saying that I would take the gloves off, and I kept feeling like I put them back on. Once this gets fully published, I’ll be 29. High time for the games to stop, you think? This album reflects me walking away from everything that has hurt me and everything that I hurt.  By doing that, my life will change forever.


Over 20 distinct lyrics were put into this album for final approval and only 9 made it to the cutting floor. Once it became half-way complete, the page depicting the tracks was taken down and the album was finished.

The album tracks were silently posted on March 21st, a mere 2 days after Another Level 3. The lyrics were officially activated on June 18th, the birthday of LosEvolution.

  1. Who am I?
  2. Mistakes
  3. Blurred Lines
  4. Breathe
  5. Good Enough
  6. Not Running
  7. Rubbing Off
  8. Eff ‘Em (The Anthem Revisited)
  9. Fin

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