Here’s a story for ya, how to play the game, how to make the rules
Sayin the right words, tryin not to get kicked in the jewels
It’s not a game, but it’s a serious event
Love is a emotion, needs no other comment
First you gotta get over the stomach, all the butterflies
Cuz the longer you wait, the faster your chance dies
Second, you gotta get the digits, set the time up
Faster than it takes for me to rhyme this stuff
Now it’s time to step ya game up, ask her the right questions
If things hit the bed already, please use the protection
Not talkin about about the condom, I’m talkin about steppin off
Cuz if you step in the wrong one, burned so hard, thing meltin off
Game’s over, this is the game rules, north, east, west, and south
Get to know ya chick, before you hop in and get taken out.

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