After all the craziness of the mirror, Los wakes up, startled and in nothing but jeans and a muscle shirt.

Damn…did I doze off or somethin? Different outfit, new kicks? Damn, where the polo?
“phone rings”

This Los, what up?

Fuck you mean, what up, fuck you mean what it do, you speakin to C-Los I’m the man right here
Say you think you trill, boy, you can have yo bullshit, bitch nigga please, homeboi be clear
-Man what you talkin about, man I just woke up, rough night that’s what’s up
-Partyin up in this club, next thing you know it was a fight, and I was like that’s enough
Yea it was a fight, and it’s about to be another one since you fired up
Now deal with the bullshit and the killa I just hired up
-Hold up
-You gonna send a killa after me?
-Paid the nigga like 6 or 7 mill, what he a g?
-After all the stuff I did you gonna do me in?
-Guess I’m the real one, you just the pretend.
Fuck ya pretend, see you holdin word life like that punk
Now C-Los is back nigga, your ship just sunk


-Wait, how C-Los is back, nigga done died out
-It’s my time nigga, this is what it’s all about
-It’s all about being real, it’s all about the nice
-Cuz if I walk up in somebody face, it’ll start a fight.

Well playa, sometimes when you walk up, you ain’t got a choice….

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