-“Man, what happened? I stepped back for this shit, for you to play this little wanna be nigga? Fuck this shit. You through.”

Listen, man, tired of sittin back, tired of sittin round, time to put it down, time to get it really real
Time to let these niggas know that C-Los back in town looking to bust yo grill
Screw that flirtin, tryin to be nice to everybody, see stuff didn’t pan out
True niggas be who they are, nice or mean, what it’s all about, that’s what it’s all about
Take advice from everybody and learn, not be like the person ya learnin’
See how it got ya, nigga, weak as hell, no heads turnin’
Fake ass rappa, call it nigga, that’s enough, quit lookin up and afar
Look in the mirror nigga, real people stand out for who they are
Stop suckin up to people, see it ain’t getcha nothin but fear
Fuck that Los shit, C-Los back in town, nigga be clear

“Listen kid, this ain’t a game”
No shit, this ain’t no mothafuckin game.

“You ain’t steppin up to anybody”
Oh, I’m steppin up, and fuck wit me I’ll step on ya
Get it how ya want it, nigga, tired of ya bullshit anyway.

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