Enough of the games, Los ain’t playin no mo
Ending the point here, Los about to go
Back home, back to the point he truly was
Watch the talk start, how Los create a buzz
Tired of this shit, watchin these hatas squander
All this demanding shit makes a man wonder
How much shit it takes to live my life
Peaceful and free, one where ya don’t have to fight
Cuz I’m tired, I’m hurt, and busted my fist
Swung at a nigga, can ya believe I missed
Now the rope is gettin small, yea I reached the point
The point of swingin right and left in this joint
But I pass away, puttin up the best fight
Punch, kick, scratch, even takin a fuckin bite
Said I wouldn’t win, but bitch I might
RIP Los, See ya later, bro good night

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