Do it cuz I got right to
Cut up and act a fool to
Just walk up in your face and just say fuck you
Be clear on the shit cuz I talk to ya
Really don’t mean I really truly like ya
I don’t like anybody and you ain’t an exception
That means in my direction, you’ll need protection
I don’t trust anybody cuz nobody turst me
Sayin I’m frontin but bitch I might be
lettin ya know that we friends but if you fight me
I’ll put ya in the ground and say “Good night, G”
But wait, you ain’t a g, not even a fuckin wanksta
You walk in my face and bitch I’ll hang ya
From ya throat, make ya choke, till you pass out and croak
Look up to the sky with a little bit of hope
Call a fuckin pope, will he answer? Nope
Call a priest cuz you just got deceased, and I’d do it

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