Before I get into the way I’m gonna do this album, I’m gonna speak my mind….

Y’all don’t mind do ya?

So, what do we discuss????
I got it.

In the mind of reason, comes logic and choice
But the one true thing we hear is a constant voice
That tells us what to say or what to do
But sometimes we go against it with something to prove
The conscience tries to tell us what’s wrong and right
Sometimes we listen, other times we fuss and fight
Not to do the wrong thing, but go against the grain
Not realizing that the mistakes really change the game
It makes the life harder, complicated and complex
Too hard to keep up with just balance and checks
And when you try to put a standard where it didn’t exist
It puts people you love directly on the fence
But the truth to it is that you should’ve listened to you mind
Because now it’s too late and your conscience is behind
The problem is when you try to get it back
That’s the point where your present starts to go black

Half spoken mind, half rhyme. Hope y’all enjoy it as much as I do. This may be a fun approach that can be used, but I do know that the emotional switch will get flipped at a certain point.


-inspired by Vybe Beatz – OnlyOne

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