I’m looking at your past and I’m looking at your choices
While I keep on observing, I keep hearing constant voices
Saying that what I’m doing is gonna cause pain and so much trouble
But the truth is that it caused trouble being subtle
I should’ve let my voice go when the mistakes were made
I lived in the light before, time to dismiss the shade
You tossed me away before and thought you can make it
Thought you can handle the pain, thought you could take it
Los, the least thing you could’ve done is tried to fake it
Until the point where you stood and finally can make it
But all you did was fall down flat on your face
And you stand there begging and pleading to plead your case
But it’s way too late, you had your chance and blew it
You knew I would set this shit straight, trust me, you knew it
Knew I would return and knew it would be for keeps
Knew that I would make all haters cower when my feet
Hit the ground and stood up, hit the ground and stand tall
Fix all your mistakes that caused our downfall

I can do one verse too…

”“inspired by That Boy Artixx – Above it All

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