It’s a celebrity status, fuck with me I choke ya
Just more popular than your most popular local
I’m the realest, don’t let em say no different
Kill the game, change the game, show haters the different
Slow the rhyme, not speeding up
A tribute to Ross usually gets rough
I tweaked this shit for real, need to stay trill
Cuz it’s truth, it’s honest, it’s how I feel
I’m not a rapper, but I can flow
Step to the Los, I’ll show you the door
Cuz I’m always real, cuz I’m always true
Change the game, bitch I make the rules

Reputation for strollin, I set every party out
I rep harder than a G in the south
This is real shit, I claim I-Phi
Rep the frat, till I decide to die
I claim importance, cuz it’s how they see
That no nigga in this city is me
2010 came, Los got the respect
2011 rolled around and I decided to collect
Pledged 2 niggas, searching for the star
Watch how many chicks wanna ride a centaur
I’m best in the world, I’m gone to rip
Leave ya chick limpin from the hip

Reputation of a ghost, I vanish without a trace
Leaving you with thoughts, emotional in my wake
I move in and out, like a small bird
But how I became your world, that ish is absurd
I’m not worth any tear, not worth any fear
Of me leaving out of life, let’s be clear
That the world spun around without me here
I’m not your world, not even the atmosphere
Please stop uplifting me into your stratosphere
Toss me away, like a bottle without beer
Don’t talk to me, without writing, “Dear”,
Since I’m a ghost, I’m far and near

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