Better put this shit on repeat,
I guarantee I’ll say some shit to get you off your feet,
I let you bitches know that I set the fucking standard
And if you can’t meet it, maybe I’m more than you can handle.
I don’t mean to sound conceited, but maybe it’s the truth
Shit got real when I set fire to that roof
When I stepped to the mic and I spit so much fire
That they looked at me and called me the next sire
But my story is the same
I looked at the lames and tried to change the game
To do some shit different and better than everybody
If I don’t do it, please name anybody
Who’ll step up and do it, who will claim the mantle?
Who will walk in the light and not lose themselves
Know that many times I spit these lyrics they left the shelf
Know many times I told all haters, “Bitch kill yo self”
I know that I go harder than anybody else
I recall a time i was worse off than anybody else
A point where all I did was hold my head down
And walked through the world, nothing but a frown
5 feet small, feet large like a clown
So many years I wanted to leave that town
Years later, 5’6 strong, power and mass
And the optimism to handle my problems with class
But to get back on the rhyme and repetition
Shit that go harder than all your twitter mentions
People keep subtweeting and keep running the mouth
Keep the gossip shit going and your rep go south
Truth is that pure gossip ain’t nothing but mess
Especially when judging all and saying, “I’m blessed”
Let the life lived and the words preached equal
Stop sounding like a inconsistent and weak sequel
Stop instagramming long sentences talking about folks
Stop retweeting tweets just to subtweet folks
When I said in the beginning to put this on repeat
I guarantee I’ll say some shit to get you off your feet
It was me just knowing that I was gonna tell the truth
I had to shoot from the hip while I’m in the booth
Quit trying to find rules to make a dedication
There’s a rule book that goes from Genesis to Revelation
It’ll teach you the ways to face the planet
To be soft as water, but hard like granite
To step up and use the words as a sword
To look at all sin and finally cut the cord
I know I got spiritual at this very end
But trust me, I’m in a tunnel, I see light at the end
I feel the warmth of the light as I close in
But the closer I get, the more I feel darkness seeping in
Seeping my heart, always changing my mind
Crippling my life, shorting my time
Stripping away my happiness, stripping it all away
To the point where truth is, I may die today.

-inspired by Drake – 5am In Toronto

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