This would normally be the point where I would say crazy things like,

“I’m gonna focus on more things” or “I’m not doing another album” or “This took a lot out of me”

Well, not this time. The concepts for multiple projects are already being formulated.

So, I know you all are wondering who won the fight…..well, it shouldn’t be a wonder about it. What was depicted in CLE5 was a toss-up between logic, reason, emotion, and choice. The path less traveled by is the path I always choose….it’s the one I’ve always chosen.

Chronicles of L.E. was a combination of the work I did in Los vs C-Los and what I wrote in Loose Ends 5…

I’ll end it on this note:

There comes a time where people gotta speak softly and carry a big stick. Well, I’m swinging my stick, so don’t get hit by it.


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