When I sat down and wrote Loose Ends, I truly did not think that it was going to explode the way it did. Merely, I stuck my name in the hat, tried to rhyme, still going poetic, and inspired by Eminem, Gotti, and Tip. I mirrored a lot of their style and flow, but as time moved forward, I found myself and started to find my rhythm and delivery. That was Loose Ends 4, so it took 3 albums to finally get it together.


Finally Tied

I shot from the hip with LE5 because I wanted to see how it felt to really be unfiltered….to be unrelenting with my rhymes. It was a true point where I did not bite my tongue or sugar coat the words. More or less, this was a point where the gloves came off and a silver tongued devil was born.

I fired off with such anger and sadness, in an attempt to bury it all and move forward with my life. To finally tie up the Loose Ends of my emotion. Honestly, I began to lose myself in the words, and it became an entity of its own. With this in mind, I really began to pull back, in fear that I would sink in a world that I walked away from.

And this is where Chronicles of L.E. was born.


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