Why you writing all of these harsh words? You’re the one causing pain
All I did was try to work towards the game.
I wanted the success that you wanted too
But now I see that is far from true
You want to sit in poverty, I wanna sit in comfort
I see the wheels turning in your head, just come forth

Come forth for what? You got the game wrong.
Come forth for what? You claim I’m just wrong.
When I do want to succeed..unlike you I wanna be the best
Not the best in the world, but the best so I can rest
When I give my 100% I wanna lay down and know it
And my results is my life, I don’t have to speak, I show it
When he looks at my life, and says well done.
I’ll rest in heaven, knowing I never pulled the gun
Knowing unlike you, I never gave up…

I never gave in…
I never gave up…

I’m still here…

But you gave up…
You pulled the trigger on this and said enough.

You wouldn’t be here anymore if I didn’t wake you up.
Now you claiming to not like my way, well, tough luck.

–inspired by Don Jarvis – Let’s Take it Back

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