In the middle of life, everyone has a tale
A tale of this life, one that everyone will tell
Everyone will have an opinion and a reason to ask
Why I stand in the light and do nothing but bask
In the glory of knowing that in the middle, there was something done right
But also know that no matter what, something was also done wrong in this fight
No matter what, there is not much perfection to behold
Only a notion of whether to care or to be cold
To show emotion when your story is being told
Or be cold, knowing that a perfect story gets old
If your story has flaws and interesting turns and twist
Your story will have value, trust when I say this
That I hear your tale, I hear your sob story
I hear all your thoughts about guts and glory
I picture all the moments where it went wrong
And the moments that went right when you stood strong
Now I sit here and lament on why I decided to take a listen
Because I now think it’s high time that you go missing….

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