I rip beats, flow hard, step up and beg the lames to get with it
I am the Los, this is the game,
It’s time to rip this game up
Time to let these people know
That finally I don’t give a fuck
Cuz my rhymes tight, paper right, my game tight
Take ya girl, then you try to fight
Real bully push ya around forever
Tell ya ass you won’t get no better
$mooth $wag off in the game
I-Phi pledged and changed the game
Ripped 5 figures, it’s off the chain
Half from 6 drivin me insane
Time to change the ‘tude
Not going from nice to rude
No time for swing of mood
Grown bitch, get your own food
You don’t run shit, this is my rule
My life about to revamp, rededicate, time for it to rearrange
Cuz I’m insane, off the chain, get game, time to reign, I change the game (x3)

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