Time to let em know that the time off was worth it.

Heavy is the mind when I’m thinking of all the pain,
and all the time I spent trying to change the game
I accepted all the torture, I cemented my place
Now it’s time I stand and finish pleading my case
The sheer though of you putting on and all the moments I was sad
Make me think back to the moments I used to get mad
As the drop of a dime, I don’t what the fuck was I thinking
But I do know that in my mind my ship just started sinking
I’m tired of putting the patches and they keep falling down
And the moments where I stand and look like a clown
For all this time, I’m known always for my smile
But now that’s really gone away for a long while
Perhaps when I finish up and get done with all 5
I bring up Loose Ends, re tie them and go live
Since I’m tired of biting my tongue in all my verses
And I’m tired of finding words to replace all my curses
So fuck it all, let’s tell all, get tired of playing with my mind
Chronicles of L.E. Part 3….Heavy is my mind
inspired by Vybe – BenFranklinz

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