XP Era Ends, Will Vista Stand Up?

from ZDNET

“The Windows XP era ends June 30 and soon hardware vendors will be shipping you all Vista all the time (in most cases). The save XP effort failed. The whining should cease. And now it’s time for Vista to sink or swim.”

Ahhhh….Vista sunk a long time ago. To me, it bit the bullet on the performance and stability issues. I still say that XP runs circles around it because XP has been through hell to get where it is now. Of course when it first hit shelves, there were compatibility issues, which continued to improve more and more.

I took Vista off my custom desktop and even worked hard on my laptop to get vista off it because it was preinstalled. Compaq didn’t have official drivers for XP, but after a few hours of digging, I managed to get it together.

Will I move with the fold and put Vista back into action? I doubt it as of right now. My mind and heart are comfortable with XP Service Pack 3.

On the 30th, XP ends. Well, there’s always OSX and Linux!