WWE – Top 15 Things I Learned The Week of 1/6/13

  1. Cookie Puss…that is all.
  2. Cena can take multiple signatures and a big pilsbury dough….wait, Big E Langston, and still win. You’re 6 feet, 200 lbs, there’s no overcoming odds.
  3. Kofi is a jobber?! Damn, no offense to the Big Show, but a former IC champ needs more of a match.
  4. 3MB got Three Massive Beatdowns last night.
  5. Sorry, Paul Heyman, CM Punk does not need you to talk, so your benefit is that you’re back on TV.
  6. The Rock owns everyone.
  7. Throw a table on Big Show and become WHC.
  8. There is no continuity when you do a face/heel turn. You side with other faces/heels regardless of past history.
  9. Ray Charles saw that Rock Bottom coming.
  10. Punk, keep shooting. Please keep shooting.
  11. Where’s those old school WWE brawls?!
  12. Not gonna comment on Smackdown much anymore, so done for the week.