WWE – Top 15 Things I Learned The Week of 1/13/13

  1. Rock, you called Cena a Kung Pow Bitch. You can do the same to Vickie.
  2. That brawl was weak!
  3. Orton lost clean?! WTF!
  4. Cena is overcoming all odds again!
  5. It’s Mr. McMahon, damn it! Even Vince said so!
  6. JBL + commentary = Gold
  7. No more superkick from Ziggler!!!!!!! HBK, do something!
  8. Foley in the Hall of Fame!
  9. The Shield vs Ryback 1000….somebody gotta put somebody on the shelf or an actual match needs to happen.
  10. Cesaro is a beast!
  11. I’ll leave it at that