WWE Survivor Series 2015 – Can Booking Be Saved?

  1. ISIS. We have a Brock. The real #Destruction.
  2. Ryback jumping….true Trust Fall test.
  3. The relevance of the WWE title is based on the person.
  4. I would’ve ‘Dukes of Hazzard’ed that damn title if I was Roman.
  5. The IWC is now happy. Roman didn’t walk out with the title.
  6. The chronology of the Undertaker. We still remember CM Punk.
  7. Rowan had to take a break.
  8. Undertaker’s entrance in minutes was more than the amount of matches The Miz main-evented.
  9. Nice way to give Roman/Dean a break.
  10. Dolph, what side of the doghouse are you really on?
  11. So, we gave the fans and IWC what they wanted in one night.
  12. Dena Ambrose is buying beers.
  13. Seth, seriously, we need that knee to heal yesterday.
  15. The Shield is totally going to reunite after this.


Prediction rate: 5 out of 8.

Damn left field booking.