WWE Summerslam 2015 – White Ranger and Botches

  1. Winners wear white.
  2. An audible needed to be called when spots are blown.
  3. Timekeeper is the extra ref?
  4. Damn, where’s HBK when Undertaker walks backstage?! “Omg, it’s a blackout!”
  5. Where’s Kane in the whole mixup?
  6. The influence of @jdfffn is real!
  7. I seriously need to get my booking on WWE standards. I’m booking like it’s supposed to make sense.
  8. Big E ain’t rated E with that dancing.
  9. Woods better watch that name dropping. Remember when kobe’s name got dropped, a guy got fired.
  10. New Day boots look like Greek god Hermes slippers.
  11. Four hours and no musical?! Wrestlemania, take notes!
  12. No Mountain Dew drinks were harmed in the production of this PPV.
  13. Time to change the Twitter, Cena.
  14. Eat. Sleep. F5. Repeat.
  15. I felt lowballed in this last match.



LosEvolution.com prediction score: 3 out of 10.