WWE Smackdown 1/31/2020 – 15 Things Learned

We are seriously talking about a wrestling show that had the main event with dog food.

  1. So, we are not going to talk about the matches post dog food.
  2. Go to the store, buy lots of dog food, and tell your friend to either climb the mountain or eat this.
  3. Is it sad I forgot who has the Smackdown Tag Titles?
  4. Oh, snap, New Day!
  5. Otis getting that “Valentine’s” treatment. He’s the guy.
  6. How big is the IC title? Asking for a friend.
  7. Never attack the musician. More than likely, he or she can fight.
  8. The word shorty is circa 2017. Give it back.
  9. So, turn heel and we talk about the children. No one plays HQ anymore. For the children!
  10. Glowing helmet. Give this girl the title!
  11. Arn Anderson wants a word about Spinebuster.
  12. Reigns code switched so fast. Spear and hug a kid.
  13. Ziggler and Roode said, “nope!”
  14. Baron Corbin is a joke and has dog food.
  15. Y’all know that’s chili, right?