WWE RAW 10/19/15 – Boosting is Real

  1. #Destruction was on holiday tonight.
  2. Dean Ambrose is our ‘no fucks given’ person.
  3. Seth Rollins….George Constanza wants a word with you about this ‘architect’ stuff.
  4. So, when’s that off time coming?
  5. Paige relevance…or lack thereof.
  6. So, Randy forgot to get his flight.
  7. Austin, Flair, AND HBK? Seriously, boosters.
  8. Mark Henry got that hometown treatment.
  9. It took Roman Reigns one chair, so why couldn’t 3 people do what one person did?
  10. Ok, we got The Shield back together for 15 minutes. Did you like it?
  11. No demon sightings.
  12. HBK cut the same promo on Seth that he did on Randy Orton.
  13. Always remember, Shawn was The Man before being The Man was cool.
  14. There’s a certain stance for a superkick, and that was so overused.
  15. Now, hit my music!