WWE RAW 9/7/15 – Trashin’ Statues

  1. Rollins, Sting never had his hands on the WWE World title. That’s why it’s a big deal.
  2. Seth, your dad is back. Everything will be ok.
  3. Tamina should’ve had a match, a title win, and even became GM tonight.
  4. Paige, nothing has changed since NXT ladies came up.
  5. I remember when Rusev was a monster!
  6. Kevin Owens Caribbean Cool?! Dat Apple.
  7. Speaking of which, that pinfall looked controversial.
  8. The main star of the angle is hurt, so we’re still gonna roll the angle?
  9. Rusev isn’t the true victim of this angle. We are.
  10. Logic wise, this means Ryback gets a title shot.
  11. How close are we to Nikki passing AJ?
  12. Can we trash part of the show along with the statue?
  13. A trombone main-evented RAW. Let that think of it.
  14. So, it’s confirmed. Cena and Young don’t look alike.
  15. TNA’s Hall of Fame is pretty much the highlights of tonight.