WWE RAW 9/21/15 Results & 15 Things Learned

WWE RAW 9/21/15 – Booking and Shots.

  1. So, I was waiting for Sting to show up, because WWE said so.
  2. Kane is like, “Who is this demon you speak of?”
  3. We seriously couldn’t have made The Wyatts, Dean, Roman, and Orton a 3v3 match? Where’s Teddy Long?!
  4. Damn Kalisto got the mad push!
  5. Paige, we know that Superman is responsible. I double-dog dare you to say it!
  6. Kane has been dragging people to ‘Hell.’
  7. Split personality or alter-ego?
  8. Sometimes, all we want to do is a good job.
  9. Big Show, get ready for Suplex City.
  10. Natty does work there! You share a show with her.
  11. Seth, Mommy and Daddy can’t save you.
  12. Technically, doesn’t this make Cena #1 contender?
  13. Bo Dallas lives!!! He Bo-LIEVED!
  14. No more turnbuckle bombs.
  15. Kane found his mask.


  • Ryback def. Bo Dallas via Disqualification.
  • Neville & The Lucha Dragons def Cosmic Wasteland via Pinfall.
  • Charlotte def. Brie Bella via Submission.
  • Sheamus def. Mark Henry via Pinfall.
  • The New Day & Rusev def. The Dudley Boyz & Dolph Ziggler via Pinfall.
  • Naomi def. Natalya via Pinfall.
  • Big Show def. Cesaro via Pinfall.
  • John Cena def. Seth Rollins via pinfall (United States Championship)