WWE RAW 8/3/15 Results and 15 Things Learned

WWE RAW 8/3/15 – Feel The Revolution

  1. How to get over? Brag about a botched move.
  2. Title for Title?! So, let’s get ready for 16.
  3. A-Lister? Has he even been on the big screen?
  4. The Miz…more like The Instigator.
  5. So, why the conditions, Seth?
  6. Hopefully next time, Seth will remember people shorter are also bulkier than him.
  7. If the refs didn’t know the end booking, then some of the matches would end differently.
  8. Go to the well quickly.
  9. The match too big for Wrestlemania…booked and sold by Heyman Marketing.
  10. Orton needs to keep mimicking people before his RKO.
  11. Lunatic Fringe and Hot Rod….man, that could’ve been a Piper’s Pit to remember.
  12. #DivaRevolution…aka NXT push.
  13. One day, I’ll translate Sheamus’s entrance.
  14. #BlackWrestlersMatter
  15. Rest in Peace, Hot Rod. Change all the questions in heaven when the angels think they have all the answers.


  • Seth Rollins def. Neville
  • The Ascension & New Day def. Los Matadores
  • Charlotte and Becky Lynch def. The Bella Twins
  • Rusev def. Mark Henry
  • King Barrett def. Zack Ryder
  • Paige def. Naomi
  • Randy Orton, Roman Reigns, & Dean Ambrose def. Sheamus, Bray Wyatt, & Luke Harper