WWE RAW 8/31/15 Results and 15 Things Learned

WWE RAW 8/31/15 – Iconic

  1. JBL is letting us know who this man really is. Forget the Vigilante, this is the FRANCHISE!
  2. We’re going serious with this instagramming? Ziggler, remember Seth Rollins?
  3. Rusev still rocking the, “What are those!!!”
  4. The heels too high, Summer Rae?
  5. Summer Rae ain’t hiding clevage, she don’t have to bosoms for the suit!
  6. So, we’re going with the fact that Summer Rae saw the Ziggy?
  7. Even though he’s iconic, Sting is more PG than Cena.
  8. Flavor of the year…..yeahhh boyyyy!
  9. Create-a-Wrestler 401 will add Scorpion Death Drop to his arsenal.
  10. All chicks beware. Don’t date Seth Rollins at this moment.
  11. Seth, 2 titles = double duty!
  12. Bubble wrap table? Apparently they got it off the Fedex truck.
  13. Seth’s push is done.
  14. John Cena was 8 years old when Sting had his first wrestling debut. Sit on that.
  15. When Daddy is away, Mommy and the children will play.


Dolph Ziggler def. Rusev via disqualification.
Becky Lynch def. Alicia Fox via submission.
Ryback def. Big Show via pinfall.
Charlotte def. Brie Bella via pinfall.
Kevin Owens def. Cesaro via pinfall.
Braun Strowman & Dean Ambrose.
Paige def. Sasha Banks via submission.
The Dudley Boyz def. The New Day via pinfall.