WWE RAW 8/24/15 Results and 15 Things Learned

WWE RAW 8/24/15 – Happy B-Day Vince. Birthday Present? TNA GM Got Poached

  1. Booking team is so taking the night off. There’s randoms back there taking last night’s sheet and just randomizing it.
  2. Bo Dallas ticked off the WRONG person backstage.
  3. Guess that attack was so harsh it sent Bully Ray back to the WWE.
  4. But seriously, Dudley Boyz!!!
  5. 3D-RKO?!
  6. So, what happened to the statue?!
  7. Can we get an angry Superman?
  8. There were 7 girls in the ring at once tonight. Seriously.
  9. Don’t worry, Jon. Booking team doesn’t see anything through either.
  10. Bruan Stowman became known tonight.
  11. Happy 70th Vince McMahon. Seriously!
  12. 8 guys, and it’s all about the chicks.
  13. You seriously thought Rollins would get a statue?!
  14. So, the WCW Title history is NOT included? Goldberg and Booker T would have words if it was.
  15. Create-A-Wrestler #231….meet Sting.


  • New Day def The Lucha Dragons via pinfall.
  • Roman Reigns & Dean Ambrose def. The Wyatt Family.
  • Team Bella def. Paige via pinfall.
  • Ryback, Dolph Ziggler, Cesaro & Randy Orton def. Sheamus, Kevin Owens, Rusev, & Big Show