WWE RAW 8/10/15 – Straight Outta Comic Book

  1. Seth, you’re straight outta excuses.
  2. I’d watch the heroism of WWE RAW over the Fantastic Four remake.
  3. That dancing Big E was doing was NOT PG.
  4. Little brother fought the estranged big brother tonight.
  5. If no one thought that Sheamus was going to interfere or attempt to cash in, you have to realize the power of booking without Cena.
  6. 4 hour Summerslam = ironman match?
  7. WWE Network being sold better than the Shamwow!
  8. Seth Rollins – Create a wrestler #520
  9. Kevin Owens – Create a wrestler codename Kevin Steen.
  10. Title change on RAW?! I had a better change getting drafted to the NFL.
  11. Seth is getting faster and faster.
  12. Miz needs to stop looking like a female Muslim.
  13. The Cesaro Section is growing.
  14. Next week, Cena, Brock, and Undertaker on one show. Get excited.