WWE RAW 7/27/15 – Continuing the Revolution

  1. 4 hours will not make up for Hulk Hogan.
  2. That 5 mil will not be made back in an hour, WWE.
  3. It’s confirmed. We’re giving Lesnar/Undertaker an hour.
  4. People’s choice is not a Stephanie Choice.
  5. So, this is Stephanie’s 1st time saying, “No.” Hmmm…..
  6. So, Lucha Dragons > PTP? They did lose to the team that Lucha beat.
  7. The Attitude Adjustment needs an adjustment.
  8. Not even Dolph Ziggler can sell that dog.
  9. I would wager Charlotte being as tall as Big Show.
  10. TMI Rusev. TMI.
  11. Take away the Pedigree!!!
  12. So, Seth Rollins hurt Cena’s nose…by himself, mind you.
  13. John Cena > ROH. Think about it.
  14. You CANNOT replace the NWO with the Kliq. They also held the black man down, supposedly.
  15. And by the way, #BlackWrestlersMatter.