WWE RAW 3/21/16 – Are We Cheering Yet?!

  1. We’re cheering a bit, but not much, Roman.
  2. No slaps for you, Stephanie.
  3. AJ Styles…AJ Styles.
  4. I remember when Rusev was only stopped by John Cena.
  5. Y2J…Y2J…and yes, the joke sucked the first time.
  6. Kevin Owens hates dropkicks!
  7. Even Y2J refuses to take a loss to Fandango.
  8. Roman put that jacket on. It was cold!
  9. Go into the inner thoughts of Roman Reigns here
  10. 100% bad lass? We can’t say ass?!
  11. We seriously have a Braun Strowman main event!
  12. My money’s still on Undertaker.
  13. Paul Heyman can make paint drying seem epic!
  14. Tables from the Usos, Chairs from Dean, and Ladders from KO.
  15. So, we’re doing chairs? Where’s that chainsaw?!