WWE RAW 3/14/16 – Sponsored by BootyO’s

  1. Dude wrestled this weekend. So, wrestling tonight was so damn important.
  2. No one wants the Styles Clash.
  3. New Day had too much cereal.
  4. There was so much character shoving tonight.
  5. Steph, you’re taking liberties you didn’t have in the Attitude Era.
  6. Roman, we still want Dean.
  7. We need a Divas Tag Team Division.
  8. Mick Foley and Dean Ambrose…in the same room and nothing was destroyed.
  9. That Ziggy contract must be close to ending.
  10. Undertaker looking at both Vince and Shane thinking, “Can he heal before ‘Mania?”
  11. My response
  12. Vince is praying that the money comes.
  13. Burn my shirt and I won’t stop punching.
  14. Roman, you are now John Cena.
  15. We miss Cena too. He’ll get cheered more than Roman now.