WWE RAW 2/8/16 – Thank You Daniel Bryan

  1. #ThankYouDanielBryan
  2. Stephanie, there are some teachers who feel your pain….not being able to control the class.
  3. Kevin Owens wants Michael Cole at Mania.
  4. Miz got that insta-dentist.
  5. Ric is no longer kissing the girls, but still making them cry.
  6. Usually, MizTV isn’t on TV.
  7. The Highlight Reel has more ratings.
  8. Byron, careful about mentioning athletes. Ask AW.
  9. Adam Rose comes out hopping like a Street Fighter character.
  10. Titus O’Neil’s new signature move: Gator Toss.
  11. Everybody gets one.
  12. If you’re not to Daniel Bryan’s status, you’re not an A+ player.
  13. Even a deaf man knew that 3-D spot was coming.
  14. So, heel Dudleys..I was waiting on Bully Ray.
  15. Bullet Club or Aces and Eights. Please, WWE, regardless what you pick, don’t mess it up!